have you been rejected lately?




Calling all red-headed step-children, black sheep, and

uglycousin is the literary magazine created by literary rejects, for literary rejects.   We pride ourselves on the fact that though many of our pieces have been rejected numerous times by mainstream and not-so-mainstream literary journals we refuse to stop trying.  We are writers who, for whatever reason, feel compelled to share our work with others...even those poems and short stories no one else seems to like. 


Aside from being black sheep ourselves, we also like to see ourselves as shepherds, searching for our flock.   While we like to refrain from carrying torches and standing too proudly on our own pedestal, we see uglycousin as the lighthouse, searching for talented writers, calling for them, pulling them to shore. 


Our mission is to empathize with the good writers who feel as though they are rejected by the literary world.  Not sure if you are a literary reject?  Take the quiz below.  If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, you are uglycousin material!   


1.  Has your work been rejected from at least one literary magazine?

2.  Have you stopped submitting to literary magazines because you are always rejected?

3.  Do you find that you seldom read literary magazines because they are all rather "stuffy" and recycle the same people over and over and over        again?

4.  Do you often feel that no one understands you?

5.  Have you reached the conclusion that you don't really care if you are ever published?


Please note:  We are a selective literary magazine, therefore we do reject submissions.  If you are rejected please feel free to gripe about it on the uglyblog.  However, don't give yourself a complex:  "I can't believe I was rejected from a magazine for rejects!".  We aren't worth the creative paralysis. Seriously.


So proudly bring us your flash fiction (prose with up to 1,000 words), and poems (up to 3).   While we do consider genre writing, we are not a genre journal. What are we into?  Read our blogs! Read our featured writers! 


Please submit your work in the body of the email.  We no longer accept attached files.

We no longer have submission deadlines.  Instead we are going to a "rolling submission" format.  We will let you know if we are going to use your work within a month of receipt.


We do accept simultaneous submissions.  However, we ask that you notify us upon your acceptance in another magazine. We might even make a big deal about it.


Currently, we are a non-paying market, meaning cash.  However, if your work is accepted we will send you a token of our appreciation via mail.  Those who were accepted for Issue #5  were paid in uglycousin paraphernalia (buttons, stickers, etc.)


We obtain first rights to your work. 


Please submit your poetry to, your fiction to, and your questions to


Please provide a brief statement as to why you view yourself as a literary reject . 

You will receive notification about your submission via email. 

Upon acceptance you will be asked to provide us with a brief bio and pic.




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