• In Internet years, 2008 is so long ago the Amish are allowed to experience it.  Who but crotchety old men rocking slowly on the front porch of Cracker Barrel can even remember sitting behind a computer the size of a phone booth, whatever that is, and trying to download a video way back then. I’m

Most Important Thing in the World

  • gmail drunk

    Gmail “updated” a week ago, but very little changed.  Certainly they can use some of the data gathered on us and some snappy algorithms to do more than ensure that the people who sell gut-constricting shirts find the right audience.  I want more than a warning that says “Your message mentions an attachment.  Would you

Or is this the most important?

  • squirrel begs for nuts

    We’ve been feeding the squirrels peanuts.  They have corn and nut feeders in the yard as well, but the peanut feeding is a training exercise, a hobby, an amusement.  We sit on the porch a few times a day, make a sucking/clicking sound to draw them in (as close to squirrel language as we know),

News that Matters

  • 12 winning rules

    The key to discovering new ideas is to chat with people in bars.  Avoid sports and politics.  Those topics lead nowhere.  Anything else, though, can be eye-opening.  Yesterday, I discovered the fastest way to read a book while chatting with a young server, we’ll call him Jonesy Forehead, a smart and engaging young man who

Timmy’s Ugly Culture

  • I got a package in the mail from the VFW.  It was a fund raising letter and a “free gift.”  I get lots of fund raising letters.  Pulling on heartstrings used to be the preferred approach to asking for donations.  Guilt has been as effective for charities as fear has been for insurance agents over

Ugly Stories

  • Lost Coffee Cup   After Sara poured her morning coffee she absently set down her cup before going to the bathroom.  Upon leaving the bathroom she could not find it—even after three circuits of her morning movements from bed to kitchen to bathroom.   Had she placed it near the sink or on the dining room

Unsolicited Advice

  • TJ Swann Steppin Out

    They brought back Zima, for God’s sake. Now we would like to benefit from the retro craze or lack of originality craze or whatever it is that means most new shows on TV are old shows made worse, movie producers are running out of Roman numerals to add to the end of their sequels, and

Herbite Church Bulliten

Beach Essential Reading

Basement Archeology