• I’ve been following a Facebook group dedicated to collecting and making obvious comments about what they consider to be the “worst album covers ever.”  There are some gems, for sure, but most fall into one of these categories:  singers trying desperately and unsuccessfully to capture the style of the moment (usually in the 1970s), religious

Most Important Thing in the World

Ugly Stories

  • words fall from a backpack

    Born with a rare condition which made it impossible to store words in his head, Jeffrey toted words he had collected in a backpack, drawing from it whenever he had to converse.  The backpack had many compartments.  Jeffrey tried to keep his words organized. While staying alone in a motel in an unfamiliar town, Jeffrey

News that Matters

  • Cat has bad dreams

    The official uglY cOUsin cat, Chauncey, suffered a great trauma this week, leaving a trail hair, one slightly askew tray, and lingering guilt.  It began, as they say in poorly written stories, on a normal summer evening. The TV projected easy to ignore cooking competitions as I and L sat staring at phones and thinking

Herbite Church Bulliten

  • the guilty nickel

    Herb stared at a nickel resting upon a small wooden box on his desk.  Though staring at things or at no-things instead of talking to me wasn’t unusual, I sensed an electricity of thought connecting his eyes to that nickel.  It didn’t appear to me that he was looking through it, the way he often

Timmy’s Ugly Culture

  • By -, CC BY 2.0,

    Our determination to find fun nightlife diminishes with the realization that we haven’t chosen that sort of resort.  We chose it because it seemed more relaxing, and that it was. We began to fall into the early to bed early to rise lifestyle.   “There seem to be fun clubs at the other resorts,” I

Unsolicited Advice

  • Dear Comcast or Xfinity (I’m unsure what your preference is these days; perhaps you’ve gone to a symbol), Thank you for making my boss seem communicative and fair by comparison to your customer service.  Because of you my job satisfaction is skyrocketing. Blessings to you and yours,   UC