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Observations from the United States of Generica from the Great MidBest.


Difficulty getting off the couch prompted us to watch yet another Adam Sandler produced Netflix movie last night, Father of the Year, starring David Spade.  Our hopes to find a comedy are still unfulfilled.  Ah, hope.  Such a naïve and dangerous feeling.  Still, we watched, and we will probably watch whatever he puts out next.  […]

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Thank God Reese’s came up with a “new” product, Reese’s Outrageous.  It’s like Reese’s Nutrageous, but instead of nuts it mixes Reese’s pieces and caramel in with the chocolate and peanut butter.  Too bad they didn’t call it Piecerageous for consistency’s sake.  Overall, though, I’m pleased that they added this to their lineup, because I […]

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