• soap devil

    File this under signs of the end times–personal and societal. The grown man in question is me.  I had a simple desire–to wash my hands.  I had purchased a new bottle with the handy push pump top and even got it on sale, which made me feel even better about personal hygiene. I spun the

Most Important Thing in the World

  • Pyramid cat

    I don’t care how busy I am.  When I poop, I take the time to cover it well.  I prepare a hole twice as deep as I need it, and bury my poop with more than twice the litter necessary.  I suggest you do the same.  If you can’t apply my lesson to pooping (but

Or is this the most important?

  • Thanks to the History Channel, the aliens get nothing but good press for their ancient accomplishments and relationship with John F. Kennedy.  Sure, they had a few cool accomplishments in rock cutting and made their way into the dreams of Biblical prophets, but what about their failures?  And what have they done lately? 1. Where

News that Matters

  • I’ve been following a Facebook group dedicated to collecting and making obvious comments about what they consider to be the “worst album covers ever.”  There are some gems, for sure, but most fall into one of these categories:  singers trying desperately and unsuccessfully to capture the style of the moment (usually in the 1970s), religious

Timmy’s Ugly Culture

  • saint lucia cross

    The ugly traveler learns about the people of St. Lucia who end up at a quiet resort. At our sleepy resort the people mostly keep to themselves.  We have short conversations with this person and that at the bar, but we don’t run into people who invite us to sit with them.  Groups come and

Ugly Stories

  • united states of generica

    Jerry decided not to drive the extra five minutes to reach the home he had left that morning.  Instead he pulled into the first empty driveway he saw on Woodstream Terrace.  He was hungry. The house looked pretty much the same as his anyway.  When he opened the front door, he noticed the furnishings were

Unsolicited Advice

  • Hey Netflix, I’m a big fan of categories, but after scrolling through what pops up on my menu about a million times, I’ve got to tell you that I’m getting bored.  I have heard that there are secret hidden categories that wise people can unlock, but that’s way too much effort for me–or anyone laying

Herbite Church Bulliten

  • Two small glass-top tables, one on each side of the couch.  Each is positioned to hold drinks and food for the person who sits in their spot.  Dining room tables are for celebrations and families that don’t live in the house with two small glass-top tables by the couch. In the morning, he cleans his

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