uglY cOUsin doesn’t listen to the prevailing wisdom that a website has to be “about something.”  We live in a category called “doesn’t fit.”  Even so, the more we think about what we are and what we aren’t, our interests and our disinterests, we do find meaning to the term we’ve chosen to represent our inability to fit in (on the Internet, within contemporary society, when normal conversations are taking place around us–anywhere).  The term uglY cOUsin has room to grow as others of you adopt it and add to its definition.  We welcome any additions.   Ugliness is a coat of many stripes.

If we believe in anything, we believe in:

  • Resistance through laughter.
  • Enlightenment through uncertainty.
  • Entertainment through perception.
  • Growth through curiosity.

All things should be approached with a sense of wonder and a sense of humor.
Vision and smell are overrated.   

We like noticing what is generally stepped on, connecting the unconnectable, disconnecting the easily connected, thinking about what isn’t, trying to figure out what that weird looking mushroom is called (and naming it ourselves), listening to embarrassing stories on barstools, standing in lines that haven’t yet formed, and showing appreciation for stink bugs, slime molds, and other such derided souls.

The intersection of sadness and humor is endlessly fascinating.

We’ve never enjoyed the things we’re supposed to like:  resort vacations, brand-name clothing, blockbuster movies, “hit” anything; but we try them from time to time like radishes to see if our taste buds have deadened to the point that we’ll get with the program.

We sometimes lack narrative, so we make lists.

We want to read stuff that makes us think long after we’ve forgotten what it was that made us think.  Often, we like to escape to dreams, and sometimes when we dream we ask what that waking event meant.  People who ask how a dream relates to their waking life have it backwards.

Sometimes you can’t tell when we’re joking.

Our only allegiance is to the nice people we know.  And the cat.  We’ll stand up and fight for the cat.

We believe the deadliest sin is certainty.

Pop Culture leaves us bored and makes us feel as if we’re visiting from a foreign land–but not in a good way, like you’re on vacation and you learn that people eat worms with their feet or something and you think, OK, a little weird, but I’ll try it.  It’s a real bad way, like you don’t think that anyone who writes for TV or Movies has ever been away from a TV or movie screen long enough to have a conversation with people like us.  When we hear people excited about a trend or celebrity, we’re honestly confused and wonder if we’re wired wrong.  No one makes shows about us.

Politics seems like a never-ending Coke-Pepsi battle carried out with the and prize fight hype.  We can’t figure out why people support either side.  We ugly cousins take the bold approach that used to unite us as a nation:  making fun of anyone in “power.”  Sure, we’ll support good works; we just don’t think it’s wise to ask the same people that make it impossible to buy wine before noon on Sunday to solve any of our problems.

Religion seems a bit too commercial, though we like to explore essential questions about life.  We often wish we could believe, but seem to have been born without that gene.

Business seems, well, too businessy.  There has to be something better than the cult of bigger and more.


So what does that all mean for this site?


We’ll post a variety of things–stupid articles, observations, stories.  And we’ll build a book of uglY cOUsin saints, along with a museum of things blown into the corner, ignored beauty, and shocks of sadness.

Join us as we create a nation without borders, a religion without worshipers, a bookshelf without stories, a political party without members, and a business with no front door.  Or maybe we’ll just post some stuff that you might find interesting from time to time.  

Subscribe to our RSS, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or send us something you think we should post.  Regardless, join us in our quest for ugliness.