Thousands of babies were slaughtered over the weekend by the hands of gods, an event foretold over 2000 rings ago in the Tree Bible.

According to the prophet Bertula Glandulosa, there would come a time when weeping and great mourning would be heard in the land of maples.  A maple mother would refuse comfort because her children were no more.  Thousands would perish, leaving not one offspring from the millions of seeds whirled to earth before winter.  Long thought to be a symbolic rather than literal warning, the mythical slaughter of the innocents has now actually occurred.  Tree Bible experts are weighing in on the event’s meaning and are awaiting signs of the birth of the Great Redeemer–the seedling saved beneath a holy bush and destined to grow to heights unknown, eventually destroying the house of the gods who carried out the evil act.

As news spreads and scholars study, a mother mourns.  A close relative reports that she was forced to watch the massacre beneath her branches, unable to move or look away.

On what had started as a happy spring morning, one of the first warm days after a cleansing thunderstorm, the maple mother looked down upon her sprouting children with contentment.  She had spread more seeds than ever the winter before.  Thousands popped up from the earth and reached upward for her embrace.    She counted each one and felt good.  Their tendril-like bodies swayed peacefully in the breeze.  Many huddled together in corners of the yard, finding companionship and warmth amidst their siblings.

Her happiness soon turned to terror as two lower gods began to pull the babies from the earth.  One after the other, they were uprooted and discarded without ceremony.  The gods spouted insults and curses at the children as they ended each life.  The young trees were called a nuisance; the blessing of their number was called a plague.  The screams of the dying children, slowing choking as their bodies lost the moisture and nourishment of the soil, mixed with the curses of their killers.  Soon the screams were all that could be heard.

Some were tossed into high grass to be dismembered later in the afternoon.  Others were thrown into piles on pavement where the the sun’s unrelenting heat provided a harsh last memory of the life they had just come to know.  None were given a proper burial or shown the respect of last rites.

The gods laughed and congratulated each other upon the completion of their slaughter.

Leaves now fall from the mother’s limbs as she seems too sad to carry on.  A woodpecker widens a hole in her trunk without resistance.  A squirrel’s snapping of a branch seems to her to be a welcome dismemberment, a step closer to joining her children.   The hope for the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Great Redeemer provides comfort to others, but not to her.  

Maple Street, the “land of maples” foretold, is now the setting for a new book in the Tree Bible.