Two small glass-top tables, one on each side of the couch.  Each is positioned to hold drinks and food for the person who sits in their spot.  Dining room tables are for celebrations and families that don’t live in the house with two small glass-top tables by the couch.

In the morning, he cleans his table because he always notices glass rings and smears on it.  He wonders why hers doesn’t get dirty.

Out of a sense of fairness, though, one morning he cleans both and discovers that hers is much dirtier.  He has to bear down on the wet rag and re-spray window cleaner on its surface to get through the smears and wine glass residue left upon it like an artist’s rendering of the evening before.

Morning sunlight shines through the blinds and through the lower window where the blinds are pulled up so the cat can look at what it can’t touch.  His table sits right by the window.  Hers is on the other side of the room.  Then it hits him.

The cleaner of the two glass tables always looks dirtier in the light.