We love the city “clean-up” day when the residents of our small town heave their unwanted items out to the curb, supposedly for pick-up by the trash company the following week.  In reality, it becomes pickers paradise and a redistribution of waste.  Rusty trucks drive slowly through the streets looking for scrap metal.  They pile it dangerously high, interweaving longer pieces with shorter, trying to create a backwards puzzle that will hold the scrap together on the way to the buyer.  Others pick through for items they can use around the house or sell in a garage sale.

The city-wide garage sale is always two weeks after clean-up day.  Hmm.

We’ve put items out and placed bets on what will go first or how long a particular item will last.  There’s no logic to it, so a sure bet is a risky bet.  One year we watched someone remove a stack of lumber and boxes from a dollar-store wading pool we had put out at the curb.  We used it to cool off the dog for a couple seasons.  It was dirty, cracked, and doggy.  The person strapped it to the top of her small car.  Her children were squished in the backseat amongst little tables and what looked like used shop rags.

My neighbor last year put out a few garbage bags filled with used rabbit litter.  Yep, filled with rabbit turds.  It was taken.  He saw it taken.  He knew the person who took it.  Never again could he look that person in the eye.  The thought of her made him sneeze.

This year, we put nothing out, but decided to appreciate some of the works of art that this day brings.  Each yard sculpture is a collaboration between the original artist and the countless pickers who heave things around looking for gold.  Please appreciate these found art pieces with us.  Live Ugly.