At this pre-consortium, post-paradigm-shift, stakeholder meeting, we will strategically derive usability objectives from our pedagogical visioning goals, and foster commitment to usability.  Formal wear preferred.   Plenary follows.

Unsolicited Advice:  Lick your mind.

In a note from 20011, I find that I wanted to write a list 10 politicians who may be aliens.  I suspected Florida’s governor Rick Scott to be one.  Now I find that many people have written the list I only intended to write.  But they seem to be serious.  I was only serious about Rick Scott.

Rich and Famous
I left the hospital yesterday and realized I still wasn’t either rich or famous.  Rich?  I knew this because every magazine or token of love my wife brought to me, set the calculator of dread off in my mind.  Famous because there was no one to wave to and avoid on the way out of the hospital.  If only I could make the heroic show of health to the crowd of well-wishers and fans.

Shouts, car doors and trunks slamming, shrieks, vehicles being started against their will, a single ball bouncing once every four or five minutes.

The duration between bounces and the loudness of the individual contacts with earth suggest that the ball is being dropped from some distant space station.  I pull a low corner of the curtain and peer outside to see who is playing on the sidewalk in front of my house (there is a playground 50 feet away) but see no one.  I had been fooled by the noise level into thinking they were close.  I looked behind me to see if they are playing on my couch.

And then they pass my window—the bouncing shouters (the slammers are harder to locate)—and I see a teen girl and five children between the ages of one and two, walking down the sidewalk.  I thought of chickens being shooed into a pen.  The children scream and the teen leader shouts “hode up” and other such advice at them.  The children are within inches of her mouth.  Her voice shakes the mirror on the door in front of me.

AND I have 13 tattoos, all numbers so i know how many i have.

Some of my favorite people are simply idea vessels.  At least to me.  I don’t remember their hair or their eyes or height, just the idea they shared.  No small talk for these people. They get right to their big idea, perhaps their only one, looking for someone to unload on.


Misappropriation of Science for Practical Purposes:  
You can’t weigh me; I’m indeterminate.