How many ways can you picture a bra strap falling off a shoulder, down an arm?


When one doesn’t take responsibility for something, the responsibility doesn’t go away.  It sits where it was left like a waiting puppy until it gets impatient and attaches itself to the least deserving.  Those sorts are the easiest targets.


Stray books are becoming a nuisance in my neighborhood.  They sleep lightly on my porch dreaming I’ll open the door.  Sometimes one will flee from under my car when i start it up in the morning.  Their guant and rugged appearance makes me sad.


One neighbor wants to lure them into her garage to burn them.  Another lets them into her back porch where she stacks them in the corner of the almost house.


I’ve got my own books inside, nicely shelved and dusted.  I have several first editions.  Why would I want to let the ugly outdoor books in?  Many of them carry diseases, you know.


I blame the rental house transients who take in a book “for the kids,” and quickly realize they have no interest in reading.  The books are left by the street with cracked scooters and headless barbies after their renters’ clothes are loosely boxed and dirty mattresses are tied to the tops of friends’ cars for transport to the next house.


The abandoned books roam but rarely find a home.  We prefer ours store bought and clean.


1-1 = 0 as 400,000 – 400,000 = 0 but they feel a lot different.


Thinking about edges:  humans are attracted to the edges of things/easiest to see activity/our hunterheart loves the contrasts and movement found there and the conflict/imagine the adventurers out at sea with no edges but their own against the water.