We’ve been feeding the squirrels.  This has led to some squirrel on squirrel crime—mostly petty theft and minor assaults. 

Thought there are plenty of peanuts to go around, some are greedy and want to have more nuts than their neighbors (and even more than their children).

The two trees on the corner were squirrel territory.  Then the blue jays heard about the free nuts and used air superiority to snatch them up and hide them in high, far-away places. 

squirrel and crowNow the crows have entered the turf war.  Without the swooping ability of the blue jays, they use their size and bad attitude to rule on the ground.  They walk among the squirrels and give them dirty looks.

The squirrels use their squirreliness—their fast, unpredictable moves and irritating chirps—to stand maintain their positions.

It is all posturing at the present, so the authorities aren’t interested.  Has anything happened?  the animal police ask.  Has anyone been hurt? 

I’m watching and waiting.  As the cold creeps in, snow decreases the food supply, and the desperate anger that accompanies outside life, I expect to see a full-on turf war erupt. 

Who will control the nut trafficking?  My current odds are on the squirrels due to their numbers, but the crows definitely have a more strategic plan.  I can see it in their eyes. 

As for the blue jays, they’ll stay on the outskirts and watch the other two battle it out.  They’ll get their share regardless.  They’re like the government.