In Internet years, 2008 is so long ago the Amish are allowed to experience it.  Who but crotchety old men rocking slowly on the front porch of Cracker Barrel can even remember sitting behind a computer the size of a phone booth, whatever that is, and trying to download a video way back then.

I’m pretty sure you videos had to be hand delivered by a mustached man on horseback.  Or maybe you had to climb a pole in your backyard and tap into the slow signal with one of those old fashioned ear horns.

We’ve found some videos from that kinder, gentler time down in the vault and dusted them off for your near-weekend pleasure.

First up, Star Wars explained by a 3-year old.  I don’t know why they allowed anyone over the age of 3 to review movies after this was made.


Next, the guarantee for happiness:  watching the Haitian weather channel.  Go figure, it’s hot.  This guy’s laugh is hotter still.


We have to include an animal, and cats were much more subtle and reserved back in the those days.  They stalked and stood on things, but they weren’t as sophisticated as the cats who would rule the web beginning in 2009.


Now, the two best.  Some people like eating chili on a hot day.  Me?  I like getting in a time machine and watching this guy eat ice cream.   If you don’t smack your lips like this dude after watching it, you’re mind is much stronger than my own.

And of course, who can forget the star of 2008, the 7-year-old who takes car on joyride and shows no remorse.  His catch phrase:  “It’s fun to do bad things.”  Shouldn’t he be graduating soon?