Every so often I like to chase after a squirrel.  I leap out of a hiding place and run full bore at a squirrel. I don’t care to catch one; I’m just testing my theory that instinct is more powerful than logic.

If the squirrel were to use logic, it would figure out that it not only has an advantage of escape because of its superior tree climbing skills, but it would probably stand a good chance of winning a fight should it stand its ground.

Squirrels are all claws and teeth–and not just ordinary claws and teeth.  They can hang upside down off a branch using just their back claws, and they can chew through a rock if they thought there was a nut in the center of it.

Their response is hard wired.  Something runs at it?  It runs away, hides on a tall branch and chatters at the aggressor from a safe distance.  Sad.  Act like a predator and those around you will act like prey.

If you think you’re superior to a squirrel, you’re not.  I can get pretty much the same response running at you.