Don’t get me wrong.  We here at uglY cOUsin love our swears in all of their colorful varieties.  We enjoy purging our bile with angry swears, peppering our mundane observations with unnecessary foul language, and even amusing ourselves with new swear combos.  In many conversations we find ourselves in, swearing is a signal that you aren’t The Man.  So, we’re down with the curses.

But here on our site, you won’t find many.  Pretty much none.  We don’t swear as part of our contrarian attitude.  If everyone else is doing it, we step back from it.  We’re even starting to reconsider our admiration for bacon.  It seems so passé.  Since comedy is riddled, movies are filled, and Facebook is pocked by bombs of every letter, we find not swearing to be a revolutionary act.  We stand in defiance of the status quo.

In the old days, being anti-establishment meant swearing.  It was taboo.  It wasn’t socially accepted.  Doing it, then, was an act of defiance.  And because the swears that made it into the public eye and ear were rare, they contained power.  An F you to Nixon would be like a nuclear bomb.  An F you to our current president shows up on baby onesies. 

Now swearing is expected and in some circles required.  Imagine creating a song that wasn’t accompanied by an explicit language warning.  Imagine producing a movie or cable TV show in which the characters don’t swear.  If I hear or see one, I almost become suspicious. Imagine scrolling through Facebook and not reading America’s most popular adjective/adverb/noun.

I grew up in a household in which the f-word was the word for expelling gas (still can’t say it).  The real f-word didn’t even exist.  So I rebelled.  I became fluent in the use of all obscene and anti-social language, excepting, of course, the flatulence word.  I love stringing them together.  But, I will keep that for my private audience.  Here, my and our act of defiance is not to swear.  We will be subversive by being polite.