Here’s the real news.  Yesterday afternoon, a friend stopped by and had to leave suddenly.  I texted him, saying something like “nice to see you, and I hope you can stop by again when you can stay longer.”  You know, very Midwestern.  This morning, I received a Midwestern timed response.  “Hi,” is all it said.

I began chatting, though I was busy with work.  To be honest, my compulsive politeness was aided by curiosity:  I wondered why he suddenly left nearly mid-sentence the afternoon before.  I suspected his anxious dog made him leave, but I wanted to be sure.  The initial small chat was so small, I worried I would need one of those jeweler’s eyepieces to see it.  Then, at least, he offered a potential topic.

Him:  Have a lil headache this morning hopefully can get yard mowed before the rain all starts hopefully get some good photogenic storms.

Me:  Love storms.

Then it got strange.  “Ya me to u got picture,” he said.  Obviously my friend had lost my contact information and didn’t know it was me.  He must have run into a woman the day before, given her his number, and thought it was her saying she wished he could have stayed longer.  Yikes.  I felt bad for my friend.  I didn’t even know he was single.  So, I had to minimalize the potential for embarrassment and make it real obvious who I was.

Me:  I’m hoping to get work done by 5 so I can sit on the porch.  L and I would love for you to join us to sit and chat sometime.

Him:  Just got home last night from my mom’s drove grandpa and my aunt up to the lake for day went to craigscruiser it was fun.

Him:  Ya that sounds fun

Him:  Where u live

Him:  u live in country area or city

This was getting too weird.  My poor friend was trying to pick me up.  He must not have recognized L’s name.  I could picture him sitting there, hoping to meet up with me, his new acquaintance and potential date.  He was probably picking out special aftershave and wine.  Who knows.  I could only hope it was someone else.  Finally I asked.  Is this Jeff?  The result may seem anticlimactic, but it’s not.

Him:  It’s dean

Me:  Sorry.  Must have texted the wrong number.

Him:  This number was on my phone from may it’s ok nice to meet u new friends is always good don’t know many ppl around my area.

So, he really didn’t care who texted him, and didn’t care when he found out he didn’t know me. All the loneliness in the world.  Who knows? I might have a new friend.  We’ll see if he texts me back.  Perhaps we should all text old phone numbers and see who’s there.  Check your own former number and see how the new you is doing.  Doing so might relieve some of the sadness around us.  Just don’t send a pic.  I certainly won’t.  Never send pics.