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Real news of lasting importance from a variety of perspectives not found in the popular press. Think of a note you found on the ground and how you’re more interested in sharing what it says with someone than telling that person about some politicians latest ego-vomit.


Don’t get me wrong.  We here at uglY cOUsin love our swears in all of their colorful varieties.  We enjoy purging our bile with angry swears, peppering our mundane observations with unnecessary foul language, and even amusing ourselves with new swear combos.  In many conversations we find ourselves in, swearing is a signal that you […]

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I’ve been following a Facebook group dedicated to collecting and making obvious comments about what they consider to be the “worst album covers ever.”  There are some gems, for sure, but most fall into one of these categories:  singers trying desperately and unsuccessfully to capture the style of the moment (usually in the 1970s), religious […]

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bouncer love

This past weekend I bounced a guy from a bar.  This isn’t something I normally do.  When fights erupt, I protect my drink and watch.  If the fight is far enough away, I might even cheer.  I’m not the jump-in-to-help or the jump-in-to-sucker-punch guy.  Avoiding physical confrontation is something I’ve cultivated since childhood.  Staying safe […]

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