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Real news of lasting importance from a variety of perspectives not found in the popular press. Think of a note you found on the ground and how you’re more interested in sharing what it says with someone than telling that person about some politicians latest ego-vomit.

Florida State Beats Notre Dame

This week, the state of Florida decided to re-count as many countable items as they could.  Though the national press focused on ballot counting for political elections of minor consequence, many other, more impactful, counting initiatives were conducted.  The re-count of last week’s college football games that included Florida teams resulted in a dramatic turnaround […]

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Elsie has prepared a Thanksgiving meal for a dozen ungrateful family members for years.  It’s her tradition.  She begins Thanksgiving Eve, preparing green bean casseroles, chopping vegetables, baking pies, and continues all the next day ensuring that everyone has enough food in their bellies to nap in the afternoon as she washes a pyramid of […]

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squirrel and crow fight for nut

We’ve been feeding the squirrels.  This has led to some squirrel on squirrel crime—mostly petty theft and minor assaults.  Thought there are plenty of peanuts to go around, some are greedy and want to have more nuts than their neighbors (and even more than their children). The two trees on the corner were squirrel territory.  […]

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Don’t get me wrong.  We here at uglY cOUsin love our swears in all of their colorful varieties.  We enjoy purging our bile with angry swears, peppering our mundane observations with unnecessary foul language, and even amusing ourselves with new swear combos.  In many conversations we find ourselves in, swearing is a signal that you […]

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