Category: Unsolicited Advice

How-to guides and unsent letters to businesses. Other than selling sloppy joes, the business uglY cOUsin would like to start has this name. Just a storefront with this sign. If you come in and ask for advice, we will refuse to dispense it.


Difficulty getting off the couch prompted us to watch yet another Adam Sandler produced Netflix movie last night, Father of the Year, starring David Spade.  Our hopes to find a comedy are still unfulfilled.  Ah, hope.  Such a naïve and dangerous feeling.  Still, we watched, and we will probably watch whatever he puts out next.  […]

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Hey Netflix, I’m a big fan of categories, but after scrolling through what pops up on my menu about a million times, I’ve got to tell you that I’m getting bored.  I have heard that there are secret hidden categories that wise people can unlock, but that’s way too much effort for me–or anyone laying […]

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