• In Internet years, 2008 is so long ago the Amish are allowed to experience it.  Who but crotchety old men rocking slowly on the front porch of Cracker Barrel can even remember sitting behind a computer the size of a phone booth, whatever that is, and trying to download a video way back then. I’m

Most Important Thing in the World

  • gmail drunk

    Gmail “updated” a week ago, but very little changed.  Certainly they can use some of the data gathered on us and some snappy algorithms to do more than ensure that the people who sell gut-constricting shirts find the right audience.  I want more than a warning that says “Your message mentions an attachment.  Would you

Or is this the most important?

  • sandspeare

    Difficulty getting off the couch prompted us to watch yet another Adam Sandler produced Netflix movie last night, Father of the Year, starring David Spade.  Our hopes to find a comedy are still unfulfilled.  Ah, hope.  Such a naïve and dangerous feeling.  Still, we watched, and we will probably watch whatever he puts out next. 

News that Matters

  • We love the city “clean-up” day when the residents of our small town heave their unwanted items out to the curb, supposedly for pick-up by the trash company the following week.  In reality, it becomes pickers paradise and a redistribution of waste.  Rusty trucks drive slowly through the streets looking for scrap metal.  They pile

Timmy’s Ugly Culture

  • 7 LESSER KNOWN REENACTMENT SOCIETIES And three that didn’t make the cut–even with my low standards I’ve always been intrigued by people who participate in Civil War groups and Renaissance Fairs.  Their dedication to historical knowledge and accuracy impresses me.  I suppose I’m a fan of passion in action–regardless of what form it takes.  Still,

Ugly Stories

  • pancreatic enlightenment

    My pancreas developed consciousness last week.   I’m sure last week was just the end of a long process of self-discovery, but I didn’t sense the baby steps. If I could stick a mirror in my guts and my pancreas had eyes (and maybe that will come soon), it would recognize itself.  I don’t know

Unsolicited Advice

  • Fordite

    Before we get any further, you should know not to follow my investment advice.  I invented the Buy High Sell Low (Trademark pending) method of retirement planning.  A worst seller’s list Self-Hindrance book is forthcoming.  Still Fordite is cool, and you might want to get some or look at some or think about some just

Herbite Church Bulliten

  • philosopher cat

    Chauncy, the uglY cOUsin tuxedo cat, has been demanding a greater role in our work here in Flyover, USA.  He is tired of just being the pretty face of memes.  Lacking the resoluteness of a cat, I have given in.  Now Chauncy is the official ugly philosopher at  I told him we were trying

Beach Essential Reading

Basement Archeology